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Are You Facing Issues After Divorce?

Moving on after divorce is difficult, even when your ex-spouse complies with all aspects of the judgment and you are both able to avoid major life changes such as a job loss. Unfortunately, a significant number of divorced individuals do encounter a need for legal representation in the months or years after their divorce becomes final.

Contact me for capable help with child support enforcement, collection of arrearages or other Post-Judgement issues. I represent individuals who want personal, attentive service that gets results in their domestic relations case.

Your Lawyer For Child Support Enforcement Actions

A need for child support enforcement, often including the collection of arrearages, is one of the most common issue that comes up for custodial parents after divorce. Our Michigan laws are strongly on your side if you face this problem, but navigating the processes to obtain enforcement can be very challenging and time-consuming without an experienced family law attorney working on your behalf.

I empathize with your critical need for funds intended to provide for your children’s needs. I have experience filing enforcement motions and more forceful show-cause actions that may get results in the form of income withholding, interception of tax refunds, property liens, license revocations or even incarceration.

I also help fathers who are behind (or “in arrears”) on their child support payments. Failure to pay child support can result in jail time, but time in jail is often counterproductive to paying the support that is owed. I examine each situation and the arrearages (the amount owed), and work with fathers to establish a payment plan, or help them seek a reduction or waiver of a portion of the child support they owe.

Representing You When You Encounter Major Life Changes

I am also well equipped to take the appropriate legal action for you in a range of other Post-Judgement issues, including:

  • Filing for modifications of child support, child custody or parenting time when any party’s financial or other life circumstances change substantially
  • Taking action that compels an ex-spouse to comply with financial stipulations in your judgment, such as paying a portion of debts that were split or refinancing property

As an experienced domestic relations and family law attorney, I have strong knowledge of the Michigan laws surrounding Post-Judgement issues. To discuss your options and what we may be able to accomplish through legal action, please contact me at The Law Offices of Julie Hlywa to arrange a free consultation.

“I felt like your only client. You were always there when I needed information or support. Your professional demeanor and confidence were my rock in the course of my case. I will always be grateful and you will always be my attorney.”
— Sharon H., August 2005


“I was very happy with Julie. She represented me very well. I felt like she was very honest toward me and the Plaintiff. I never felt like Julie did not care about my case. I will use Julie in the future for any legal matters.”
— Andre’a N.
“You made the process as simple as possible for me, while taking care of something that was very serious and seemed it could be very involved.”
— Justin J.
“Julie, you went above and beyond in our circumstance and I am truly grateful for your services. Thank you for all you did.”
— Andrea M.
“I was pleasantly surprised several times on the efficiency and promptness of service! When I started wondering the status of my case, Julie was right on top of it every time.”
— Matt T.
“I want to thank you for helping me through a difficult time in my life. I always felt comfortable knowing you were on my side. I greatly appreciate all you have done for me.”
— Deanna W.