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Getting Your Suspended License Back

Failing to pay a traffic ticket, being convicted of drunk driving, or driving recklessly are all reasons why an individual’s license may be suspended. When a license has been suspended by the secretary of state, it is illegal for the driver to operate a motor vehicle. A driver whose license has been suspended and who has been caught operating a motor vehicle may be charged with driving while license suspended.

Strict Penalties For Repeated Violations

In Michigan, driving while license suspended is generally classified as a misdemeanor crime.

  • If convicted, an individual may face large fines and jail time — however, for a first-time offender, incarceration is unlikely.
  • For each subsequent conviction, the penalties increase.
  • If the driver whose license is suspended causes an accident, he or she may face felony criminal charges.
  • Penalties may include imprisonment, large fines, and more.

I am attorney Law Offices of J. A. Hlywa, P.C., and as a driver license suspension lawyer in Mount Clemons, I have a track record of success in achieving favorable results on behalf of clients charged with all types of crimes. I understand the realities and challenges of a driver’s license suspension and how it affects your ability to work, care for your children, and fulfill your day-to-day obligations.

I Will Help Remedy Your Situation

When you choose our firm for representation, we will look into why your license was originally suspended, and identify potential ways of remedying the situation. We are skilled attorneys and negotiators who will help you seek the result that has the least negative impact on your life, whether that involves negotiating a lesser charge or restoring your eligibility to drive as early as possible.

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