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Last updated on May 31, 2024

When marital relationships dissolve, most people consider divorce the next logical step. However, divorce is not the only answer for couples. Although legal separation is not recognized in Michigan, there is a separate maintenance action that presents an opportunity to end the relationship without the permanence or difficulty of a divorce.

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An Available Alternative To Divorce

Separate maintenance provides couples the opportunity to live separate lives while remaining legally married. In Michigan, separation is not required prior to divorce. It is considered an alternative to divorce.

In essence, the process of separate maintenance is similar to divorce because many of the underlying elements are the same. Couples must file a separate maintenance action with the court and address:

After the court has issued the decree, you may find that the separate maintenance is not working for your situation. You can still file for divorce after a judgment for separate maintenance has been entered.

Legally Protect Your Interests

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