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Seasoned Assistance With Traffic Violations

Last updated on May 31, 2024

I am an experienced, capable attorney for your defense against traffic violations in our Michigan district courts. You may have a variety of reasons for wanting to explore your options and contest the charges against you, and I would like to hear the details of your situation. Call my office at 586-251-0464 and tell me about your case. I will let you know how I can help.

Avoid Serious Consequences

A conviction on any traffic violation in Michigan costs you money, and it also results in “points” being assessed against your driver’s license. You may be concerned about losing your driver’s license, the impact of a conviction on your employment or incurring major increases in insurance rates. Whether you want a determined lawyer to fight for you in court or are looking to minimize consequences on a serious charge such as drunk or impaired driving, I can evaluate your case and offer helpful counsel.

Help With Serious Traffic Violations

Some of the more serious traffic violations you can face include:

  • OWI or OWVI, for operating while intoxicated or visibly impaired, or related charges including refusal to take chemical tests (blood, breath, or urine tests)
  • Operating a vehicle without a valid driver’s license
  • Failing to stop, or fleeing/eluding an officer
  • Reckless driving, racing or exceeding the speed limit by 16 mph or more

Less serious moving violations, such as disobeying a traffic signal, lesser speeding tickets and others may be well worth your investment in legal representation, depending on your circumstances.

I handle cases involving:

  • All traffic violations
  • Driver’s license appeals
  • Expungement of records for those living in or visiting Macomb County.
  • For out-of-town clients, I may be able to represent you without your being present in the courtroom.

Discuss Your Traffic Violation

If you have been wrongfully charged, or if a suspended license or other consequences will have a serious impact on you, I encourage you to contact me, Law Offices of J. A. Hlywa, P.C., to discuss your traffic violations. Call my office at 586-251-0464 for immediate assistance.