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Most divorces create the need for substantial financial adjustments by both parties. Estimating what you can expect to pay or to receive after your divorce is important, so I routinely provide these estimates using “prognosticator” tools. Together, we will address these issues as part of our initial consultation. Contact me to arrange a meeting about your child support concerns. Or call for a free, 30-minute initial consultation where I can answer your most pressing child support questions.

Guiding You Through Michigan Child Support Guidelines

Any child support orders arising from your divorce will be contained in your judgment of divorce. Child support orders can also arise from a paternity action or a custody complaint.

The Friend of the Court applies a statewide child support formula to make recommendations for child support orders — but it may depart from this formula under a variety of circumstances. As your attorney, I will advise and advocate for you to help ensure that:

  • For a custodial parent who will receive support, the child support order accurately reflects the other party’s resources and ability to pay
  • For a noncustodial parent who will pay support, any departures from the statutory guidelines are justified by the facts

Nonpayment of child support has serious consequences, but back child support can be difficult to obtain Post-Judgement. Having a qualified lawyer on your side can be especially important in divorce and support cases where either party is:

  • Self-employed — or has income that is hard to establish for other reasons
  • Unemployed or underemployed, by choice or otherwise
  • Alleged to have squandered or improperly taken marital assets

A Lawyer Experienced In Obtaining Fair Support

When child support is requested or contested, I am able to thoroughly explore the situation and effectively present arguments supporting my client’s position to the courts. Please call my firm if you need assertive representation and straightforward family law advice. Contact me here or call The Law Offices of Julie Hlywa at 586-415-0093 to schedule a free consultation.

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