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Clearing Your Record With Expungement

Last updated on May 31, 2024

A criminal record can come back to haunt you at the most inconvenient times: when applying for a job, when going through the process of renting an apartment, or whenever a background check is required. Many people who have been previously charged with a crime want to move beyond that point in their lives — but a criminal record stops them from being able to do so.

Experienced In Expungement

I am attorney Law Offices of J. A. Hlywa, P.C., and I help clients in the Macomb County area explore their options for seeking an expungement. If successful, an expungement clears or destroys the record of certain convictions. Without access to these records, a potential employer, landlord, or other members of the public will not be able to see your criminal history.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your options, contact me, an experienced expungement attorney.

Determining Eligibility For Record Sealing/Expungement

The process of obtaining an expungement is complex, and working with an experienced attorney is advisable. Not all criminal charges can be expunged. Certain criteria need to be met, and a certain time period has to lapse before an individual becomes eligible to seek an expungement. I am an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the eligibility requirements for seeking a criminal expungement, and can help you determine if your criminal records can be destroyed.

Clearing Your Criminal Record

To learn how to clear your criminal record through an expungement, contact our law firm or call my Mount Clemens office directly at The Law Offices of J. A. Hlywa, P.C.: 586-251-0464. Find out about the possibility of having your record cleared today.