Divorce, Family Law And Criminal Defense Services

As a Macomb County divorce lawyer, I am intensely devoted to helping my valued clients through emotionally stressful and life-changing family law matters. Although your lawyer certainly cannot make divorce a happy or painless time, I have found that sound communication and caring counsel are truly helpful.

Many Satisfied Clients

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work is having satisfied clients tell me they are pleased with the overall outcome of their case. Many have added that they feel better about themselves and their future prospects after working with me in cases requiring the resolution of such difficult issues as:

Under certain circumstances, I can handle certain family law and traffic violation matters without my client having to appear in court. Contact my law office to find out if this is an option for you: Call 586-415-0093.

Capable, Energetic Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and are worried about facing the consequences alone, I encourage you to contact my firm right away. I am approachable, nonjudgmental and responsive to my clients. As a strong negotiator and capable courtroom lawyer, I take pride in the favorable outcomes I am able to obtain for clients accused of:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Drunk driving (OWI/OWVI)
  • Super drunk driving
  • Speeding and other traffic violations
  • Driving while license suspended
  • Drug possession (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, prescription drugs or other controlled substances)
  • Theft (embezzlement, shoplifting, fraud)
  • Domestic violence and other allegations of assault

In addition to the listed items, I also handle cases involving driver's license suspensions and appeals for restoration, as well as expungements of criminal records. If you are under investigation or have been charged, I am here to help.

Clearly Explained Costs

When we explore working together, I will do my best to give you a clear idea of what my services as your attorney will cost. I work hard to provide affordable representation and always keep you informed not only of your case, but also of your bill on a monthly basis.

In addition to providing determined, tireless counsel and representation in family law and criminal defense, I often provide referrals to other capable lawyers who can meet your other legal needs.

Call Today For Immediate Help

Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation or call The Law Offices of Julie A. Hlywa at 586-415-0093 and speak with seasoned attorney. It will be my pleasure to meet you and try to help in your case.

"Our meeting was great; you were very upfront and approachable. You were very knowledgeable and helpful. Your responses were timely. I appreciate you responding to me and my fiancée regarding the case. My fees and other charges were clearly explained to me and they were reasonable." — Ryan R., December 30, 2011