The Benefits Of A Prenuptial Agreement

Would you benefit from establishing a prenuptial agreement? If you will soon be married, this is a question you should ask yourself. As a Michigan prenuptial agreement attorney, I can provide you with accurate information to help you answer that question. Then, if we decide that a prenuptial agreement is in your best interest, I can draft a prenuptial agreement for you.

If you would like to work with a prenuptial agreement attorney who will take the time to truly get in touch with your concerns as well as be honest and direct about your options, contact me, attorney Julie Hlywa, for a free consultation.

Who Needs A Prenuptial Agreement?

A prenuptial agreement can provide essential protection for your assets in the event of a divorce or your death. As a Macomb County family law attorney, I generally advise people who are in the following types of situations to consider the benefits of establishing a premarital contract:

  • Individuals who are about to enter into a second or subsequent marriage
  • Individuals who are getting married "later in life"
  • Individuals who have a sizeable estate, a business or other significant property and/or assets
  • Individuals who have children from a previous marriage

When a prenuptial agreement is drafted, both parties will be required to fully disclose their financial affairs. The divorce courts view a prenuptial agreement as a contract that lays out individual assets prior to the marriage, thus making it easier to identify premarital assets in the event of a divorce. Should you and the other party divorce, the property division element of your divorce can be handled much more efficiently than without a prenuptial agreement.

Interested In Exploring Your Options For A Prenuptial Agreement?

If you would like to explore your options for establishing a prenuptial agreement, please call me, Julie Hlywa, an Eastpointe prenuptial agreement lawyer at 586-415-0093 to arrange a free consultation. You can also contact me online at The Law Offices of Julie A. Hlywa.