Experienced In Pension Issues

When relationships fail, one of the most controversial issues can be the division of property and assets. One of these assets is the retirement account. As an experienced family law attorney, I work with men and women throughout Macomb County, Michigan, who are seeking or contesting the division of pension plans. Contact me for a free initial consultation: Call 586-415-0093.

When a spouse, former spouse, child or other dependent has an interest in receiving a portion of a pension fund, the first step is to contact a qualified law firm. I have helped countless individuals facing divorce or separation and its accompanying considerations.

Filing The Correct Attachment Order

I can help qualified dependents file attachment orders for private and public employment pensions. In Michigan, there are two options for attaching funds for child and spousal support:

  • QDRO — Qualified Domestic Relations Orders are utilized for private-employment pension accounts
  • EDRO — Eligible Domestic Relations Orders are used for public-employment pension accounts

There are often significant issues to consider when attaching pension funds, including taxation matters. If I am unable to answer your questions or if your situation goes beyond my scope of practice, I have developed an extensive network of colleagues to which I can refer you. From personal injury to bankruptcy and tax law, these professionals share my commitment to providing attentive service and affordable representation.

A Qualified Lawyer Makes A Difference

Working with Michigan domestic relations orders is a very specialized area of practice. It is vital to choose an attorney with experience and understanding of the law's intricacies, as well as an understanding of your unique situation. To discuss your situation, contact me to schedule a free initial consultation or call me at The Law Offices of Julie A. Hlywa: 586-415-0093.

"You went above and beyond. Very professional. You did an awesome job keeping me informed of anything that had to do with my case. Thank you." — Tim K., July 2006