The Importance Of Good Criminal Defense

Being charged with any criminal offense — from OWI to drug possession, theft, assault and battery or an even more serious charge — can be a truly frightening and disheartening event. Many people feel ashamed and powerless, causing them to make the mistake of facing this serious problem without a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer to explain and fight for their rights.

Protect Yourself And Your Rights

You do not have to wait in dread and ultimately accept whatever consequences the courts deal out in your case. Instead, contact me, attorney Julie A. Hlywa, to explore your options and learn how I can help fight to prove your innocence or minimize costly consequences. I will have empathy for your situation. Instead of judging you, I will look at all possible avenues for helping you beat the charge or obtain an outcome you can accept.

"I'm glad that you have another win on a jury trial. One of many to come. Thanks for everything, Julie."
— Steven B., September 2006

OWI/OWVI — Drug Cases — Traffic Violations — Misdemeanors And Felonies

I negotiate vigorously for my clients and will defend you aggressively in court if your case goes that far. On numerous occasions, I have been able to get charges reduced or present my clients' situation in a way that convinces prosecutors to seek plea reductions my client can live with. My Michigan criminal defense knowledge covers misdemeanors and felonies, such as:

  • Drunk driving and impaired driving at all levels — including OWI and OWVI, which are referred to as DWI/DUI in other states
  • Drug cases, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine possession
  • Maintaining a drug house
  • A range of traffic violations, such as speeding, failure to stop or yield, and driving on a suspended license
  • Theft, retail fraud and embezzlement
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault and battery
  • Habitual offender defense

My track record in our Michigan courts includes winning acquittal in a complex embezzlement case, negotiating reduced charges in OWI cases and achieving favorable outcomes in numerous other criminal cases. I can also provide referrals to capable attorneys who can help you no matter what your legal issue.

Every Client And Every Case Is Important

My approach is to thoroughly examine and understand all circumstances of your arrest, the administrative procedures applied in your case and other factors in order to advocate aggressively for you. Contact me for personal, caring and aggressive representation in your criminal defense matter. Protect your rights. Call The Law Offices of Julie A. Hlywa at 586-415-0093 or contact me now by email.